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Bird  White Storks

Stork - Photo  Copyright 2005 Gary Bradley
Photo: G. Bradley

UK Safari Tip:
Need help identifying birds? One of the best field guides is the "Collins Bird Guide" - available through the Amazon bookshop -  click here

Latin name: Ciconia ciconia

Size: Approximately 110cm. Wingspan around 200cm.

Distribution: Rare passage visitor to the UK.

Months seen: Can appear at any time of the year.

Habitat: Farmland and wet meadows. Usually nest close to, or on top of, human habitation.

Food: Mostly frogs and invertebrates.

Special features: Although a rare sight in the UK, there are around 200,000 white storks on the continent. White storks are unmistakable. They have white body plumage, jet black wings and red legs and beak.

Click for a better viewIn Europe they build their giant nests on top of houses and telephone poles.

Did You Know?
Folklore has it that if you notice a stork on top of your house, you may soon expect a baby to be born.

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