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Butterfly  Silver-Studded Blue

Silver-Studded Blue - Photo  Copyright 2006 Kate Dent / BBOWT
Photo: Kate Dent / BBOWT

UK Safari Tip:
To help you identify British butterflies there's a beautifully illustrated fold out chart in the Nature Shop - click here

Latin name: Plebejus argus

Size: Wingspan up to 35mm.

Distribution: Found in southern England, East Anglia and parts of north Wales.

Months seen: June to late August.

Habitat: Heathland - especially on chalky soils.

Food: Nectar. The caterpillars feed on gorse.

Special features: Male silver-studded blue butterflies are deep blue with an almost black border and white fringe. The females are usually brown with some orange spots at the edges of the wings.

They get their name from the silver marks inside the spots on the underside of the hind wings. These are present in both the males and females. Silver-studded blues can also be distinguished from other similar species by the presence of a short spine, or spur, on the front legs.

The green caterpillars are just over 1cm in length. They have a grey/black dorsal stripe and a creamy-yellow stripe along each side. They pupate inside ant nests.

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