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Moth  Small Magpie Moth

Small Magpie Moth - Photo  Copyright 2007 Perry Lambert
Photo: Perry Lambert

UK Safari Tip:
You can find out what type of moths are living in your area with the help of a humane moth trap - click here

Latin name: Eurrhypara hortulata

Size: Wingspan approximately 25mm.

Distribution: Found throughout most of the UK. Less common in the north of Scotland.

Months seen: June and July.

Habitat: Hedgerows, roadside verges and gardens.

Food: The larvae feed on stinging nettles, mint and bindweed

Special features: The small magpie moth gets its name from the black and white markings on the wings.

Click for a better viewThere are also some orange-yellow patches at the tip of the tail and where the wings meet the body.

The caterpillars remain hidden from predators by feeding inside a rolled up leaf.

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