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Bird  Siskin

Siskin - Photo  Copyright 2006 Dean Eades
Photo: Dean Eades

UK Safari Tip:
Get help identifying birds with the superbly illustrated "Top 50 Garden Birds" identification chart - click here

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Latin name: Carduelis spinus

Size: Approximately 12cm

Distribution: Found throughout most of the UK.

Months seen: All year round. The UK siskin population is swelled each winter with migrant birds from Europe.

Habitat: Siskins are normally found close to coniferous woodland, but in winter will also feed on alders and birch

Food: Seeds.

Special features: The male siskin has mostly yellow and green plumage, similar to a greenfinch but much smaller. He has a black cap and chin, and a yellow rump. The female looks more grey in comparison and has striped underparts.

Siskins will come to gardens seed feeders, and are especially partial to niger seeds.

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