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Show Homes

Now that most of the trees have shed their leaves and the branches are exposed, many animal homes which were previously hidden are now visible.

This presents a great opportunity to take a peek at some of the "tree houses" where our wild neighbours live. Why not make a game of it and see how many you can find. Award yourself points for each one you spot.

Marble Galls

Marble Galls
As the name suggests, these are little, round woody growths, usually found on the branches of oak trees. Last year they would have been the home of a gall wasp larva. It would have emerged last autumn and you can see a small hole in the side where it made its exit into the world. Give yourself five points for each gall you find.

Birds Nest

Birds Nests
Last spring these cup shaped constructions would have been home to a family of developing chicks. Now they provide a winter home to some hibernating insects. Give yourself ten points for each nest you find.

Squirrel Drey

Squirrel Dreys
Looking up in the tops of the trees you might see a round, football sized bundle of twigs and leaves. This could still be occupied by a sheltering squirrel, and last year it would have been used as a nursery to raise a family of baby squirrels. Score fifteen points for each drey you spot.

Bat Roost

Bat Roosts
Some species of bat, such as the Noctule, make their home in the cracks and holes of trees. You can usually tell if a bat has been in residence by looking for dark brown streaks running down from the hole. This is where a bat has 'relieved itself' before entering or leaving its home. Give yourself twenty points for each bat roost you find.

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