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Crab  Shore Crab

Shore Crab - Photo  Copyright 2003 Gary Bradley
Photo: G. Bradley

UK Safari Tip:
A great way to see all the details on these spiders and other small creatures is with a special magnifier box - click here

Latin name: Carcinus maenas

Size: The shell grows to around 90mms across.

Distribution: Found all round the coast of the UK.

Months seen: All year round.

Habitat: Rocky and sandy beaches.

Food: Shore crabs are scavengers and will eat almost anything.

Special features: They are often found hiding under rocks or in seaweed. The shells are usually green or brown. They have three points between the eyes and five points on each side of the eyes.

Shore bcrabs mating - click for a better view In early spring you can sometimes see female shore crabs carrying lots of eggs underneath their bodies. They hatch in late spring.

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