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Marine Wildlife  Rhizostoma Octopus

Rhizostoma Octopus - Photo  Copyright 2003 Gary Bradley
Photo: G. Bradley

UK Safari Tip:
Find out more about marine wildlife with this terrific Collins field guide - click here

Latin name: Rhizostoma Octopus

Size: Up to 100cms in diameter.

Distribution: Found around the north and west of the UK.

Months seen: All year round.

Food: Feeds on tiny particles in the water.

Habitat: Comes close to shore in summer months and moves out to deeper water in winter.

Special features: Despite the name, this is actually a large jellyfish. It has eight long tentacles, hence the name "octopus". The edge of its large body has no tentacles, but each of its legs has a sticky feathery band which is made up of numerous mouths for catching food.

When they move close to shore to breed they can form large pods and this sometimes results in strandings, as in the photo above.

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