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Red Clover - Photo  Copyright 2004 Gary Bradley
Photo: G. Bradley

UK Safari Tip:
A great way to see all the tiny details on these flowers is with a powerful hand lens - click here

Latin name: Trifolium pratense

Size: Can grow to 60cms tall, but more usually shorter.

Distribution: Found throughout the U.K.

Flowering months: May to September

Habitat: Grass verges, fields and meadows

Special features: Each leaflet has a pale V-shaped marking. The Latin name "Trifolium" literally means three leaves, but sometimes a four leafed clover can be found which is often considered a lucky omen.

Red clover makes a good food for grazing animals and this could be the origin of the phrase "living in clover".

Red clover is always pollinated by bees, specifically bees with long tongues, as the nectar is at the base of the tubular flowers. florets.

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