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Flower  Red Campion

Red Campion - Photo  Copyright 2001 Gary Bradley
Photo: G. Bradley

UK Safari Tip:
One of the most useful field guides to wild flowers is this one at the Amazon bookshop - click here

Latin name: Silene dioica

Size: Grows to a height of around 90cms.

Distribution: Found throughout most of the UK.

Flowering months: May to June.

Habitat: Hedgerows, woodlands and shady areas.

Special features: The attractive red flowers have no scent, and the male and female flowers grow on separate plants.

Click for a better viewYou can distinguish them by looking at the base of the flowers. The females have a swelling which will later form a seed cup. The male flowers have a slimmer base.

There is another variety called white campion, which as its name suggests, produces white flowers. In areas where red and white campions grow together they sometimes produce hybrid pink varieties.

Click for a better viewAlthough it's unusual, you might also come across a specimen like this which has produced a double flower head.

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