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Frog  Pool Frogs

Male Pool Frog - Photo  Copyright 2005 Jim Foster/English Nature Photo: Jim Foster/English Nature

UK Safari Tip:
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Latin name: Rana lessonae

Size: The body is approx 60-70mms

Distribution: Recently re-introduced at a secret location near Thetford in Norfolk.

Months seen: May to October. Hibernates through the winter, often underwater.

Food: Invertebrates. The tadpoles feed on algae.

Habitat: Open, un-shaded ponds.

Special features: The pool frog is mostly olive-green with dark brown patches. It has a yellow line running down the centre of the back.

The pool frog became extinct in England in the 1990's, probably as a result of their ponds becoming overgrown or drained.

Click for a better viewAround 70 pool frogs from Sweden were reintroduced to Norfolk in August 2005.

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