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Amphibian  Palmate Newts

Palmate Newts - Photo  Copyright 2002 Barry Kemp Photo: Barry Kemp

UK Safari Tip:
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Latin name: Triturus helveticus

Size: Grows up to 9cms long.

Distribution: Found throughout most of England, Wales and Scotland. Absent from Northern Ireland.

Months seen: March to October.

Life Span: Approximately 5 years

Food: Insects, snails slugs and worms.

Habitat: Normally found in, or near, ponds and streams during spring and summer. In early October they come out of the water to hibernate on dry land.

Special features: The palmate newt looks very similar to the smooth newt, however the throat is not spotted. Also the male palmate has webbed back feet and a short thread-like extension to his tail.

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