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Beetle  Noble Chafer

Noble Chafer - Photo © Copyright 2006 Matt Smith/PTES
Photo: Matt Smith/PTES

UK Safari Tip:
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Latin name:Gnorimus nobilis

Size: Approximately 20mm long

Distribution: Rare - mainly found in the southern half of the UK.

Months seen: July and August

Habitat: Orchards, gardens and hedgerows

Food: Nectar (often found on hogweeds).

Special features: The noble chafer is a beautiful, iridescent green beetle, roughly the size of the first joint of a manís forefinger.  It is often confused with the rose chafer (Cetonia aura), but has wrinkled wing cases, unlike the smooth ones of the rose chafer.  The noble chafer also has pale flecks on both its wing cases and thorax and has a distinct indentation between the thorax and wing cases.

The larvae of the noble chafer live inside old, decaying fruit trees in traditional orchards, where they take two years to develop into adult beetles.

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