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Marine Wildlife  Common Mussels

Mussels - Photo  Copyright 2001 Gary Bradley
Photo: G. Bradley

UK Safari Tip:
Find out more about marine wildlife with this terrific Collins field guide - click here

Latin name: Mytilus edulis

Size: Can grow up to 80mms in length.

Distribution: Found all round the UK coastline.

Months seen: All year.

Habitat: Coasts and estuaries.

Food: Microscopic plants and animals such as plankton.

Special features: Mussels are filter feeders, and a fully grown mussel pumps around 60 litres of water through its body each day in order to extract the required amount of food necessary to survive.

The mussels around the UK coast have been harvested as a food source for hundreds of years. They are recognised as a rich source of protein - about the same as beefsteak, but with less fat.

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