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Moth  Mullein Moths

Mullein Moth - Photo  Copyright 2006 Graham Sealey
Photo: Graham Sealey

UK Safari Tip:
You can find out what type of moths are living in your area with the help of a humane moth trap - click here


Latin name: Cucullia verbasci

Size: Wingspan approximately 48mm.

Found throughout most of England and parts of Wales.

Months seen: April and May.

Habitat: Gardens, meadows, waste ground woodland edges and commons.

Food: The caterpillars feed on mullein, buddleia and figwort.

Special features: The adult mullein moths are dark brown at the leading edges of the wings - fading to a cream colour at the trailing edges. The trailing edges of the wings are deeply serrated. These moths are easily attracted to lights at night.

Click for a better view The mullein moth gets its name from the caterpillars which can usually be found feeding on the mullein plant in June and July.

The caterpillars advertise themselves with bright colours, warning any predators not to eat them because they taste bad.

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