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Spider  Mothercare Spider

Mothercare spider - Photo  Copyright 2008 Gary Bradley
Photo: G. Bradley

UK Safari Tip:
Need help identifying spiders? Try this superbly illustrated fold out ID chart - click here

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Latin name: Theridion sisyphium

Size: Size approximately 3mm to 4mm.

Found throughout the UK.

Months seen: Summer to Autumn.

Habitat: Hedgerows, and low growing vegetation. Often in gorse or thistles

Food: Small flies and other insects.

Special features: The Mothercare spider has a very rounded abdomen which has distinctive black and white markings on the back and some orange-brown streaks on the underside.

Click for a better viewThe Mothercare spider gets its name from its caring nature towards its young. The blue-green egg sac (left) is guarded by the female. When the babies hatch, the mother feeds them on regurgitated food. As they grow she shares larger food items with them. As with other species she will die before the young leave the nest and the young will eat her body.

The web is a series of criss-cross strands. 

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  2008 G. Bradley. All Rights Reserved