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More Nature Photos
Uploaded: 30th January 2009

We Have Lift Off

This Swallow at Coed Y Brenin, Snowdonia in July was photographed trying to take off for the first time. Its sibling looks a little underwhelmed.
Photo: Nikki Charlton

Tastes Just Like Chicken

This Glossy Ibis taken by Dean Eades at Howdens, Lincolnshire back in February has an appetite for amphibians.
Photo: Dean Eades

Danger in the Sand

A Lesser Weever fish spotted at Barmouth in August.  These fish typically bury themselves in the sand like this one. They have poisonous spines which cause excruciating pain if accidentally stepped on.
Photo: Caroline Morgan

Makes a Change from Pigeon

Once in a while it's nice to try something different for lunch.  This Peregrine Falcon at Topsham, Devon can be seen capturing a Black tailed godwit.
Photo: Beryl Ladd

The Less Traveled Path

It can't have been easy for this Banded Snail to climb all the way up that thorny Teasel stem, only to find more spikes on the prickly seed head at the top.  One of those days you just wish you'd stayed in bed.
Photo: Alan Ryalls

Chinese Take-away

This agile fox walking along the top of a garden fence in Lewisham is carrying off a sweet and sour chicken ball. It's almost certain he wanted another one an hour later.
Photo: Ian Bineham


Pike have a reputation as voracious predators, but Hannibal here has taken it a step further and started eating his own kind.
Photo: Judith Barnard

Just Add Water

It's well known that gulls survive on a see food diet - they see food - they eat it.  This one was spotted washing it's rodent meal first.  Very hygienic.
Photo: Steven Thomas

In a Rut

He could have someone's eye out with those.
Photo: Elizabeth Close


A diet of slugs and bugs can give you quite a thirst.
Photo: Anne Easton

Love Token

As part of the courtship ritual a male robin feeds the female robin to show what a good provider he is.
Photo: Derek Miah

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