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Bird  Lapland Bunting

Lapland Bunting - Photo  Copyright 2008 Dean Eades
Photo: Dean Eades

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Latin name: Calcarius lapponicus

Size: 14 to 15cm long. Roughly the size of a House sparrow but a little more stocky.

Found mainly along the east coast of England and Scotland from East Lothian to Kent.

Months seen: September to May.

Habitat: Coastal fields, grassy dunes and meadows.

Food: Seeds.

Special features: The Lapland Bunting is primarily an Autumn and Winter visitor to the UK. It has brown and grey streaked plumage on its back, head, wings and tail. There is a distinctive chestnut coloured patch half way along each wing which is bordered with white lines. The breast and belly are mostly cream coloured. The yellowish-brown beak has a black tip.

In winter the bib at the front has dark spots, but in summer this is a distinctive all black patch.

Lapland buntings have quite a long hind claw which gives rise to their other common name of 'Lapland Longspur'.

Hotspots for seeing this species are Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the north Norfolk coast.

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