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Bird House Sparrows

Male House Sparrow - Photo  Copyright 2004 Gary Bradley
Photo: G. Bradley

UK Safari Tip:
Get help identifying birds with the superbly illustrated "Top 50 Garden Birds" identification chart - click here

Latin name: Passer Domesticus

Size: Up to 145mms.

Distribution: Found in all parts of the UK except a few areas of Scotland

Months seen: All year round

Food: Seeds and small insects

Habitat: Around houses and farms. Always close to human habitation.

Special features: The male (above) has a black bib and the top of his head is grey. During the breeding season the beak changes from grey to black. The wings are brown with bold black streaks.

Click for a better viewThe female has a pale grey-brown front and a darker brown back. She has a pale stripe running from the eye to the back of the head, and two pale bars across the wings.

House sparrows can nest throughout the year, but usually breed between May and August.

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