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Hedgehog Old Habitats Die Hard

Photo  Copyright 2005 Rosa Foulger Photo: Rosa Foulger

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Rosa Foulger from Berkshire sent us this photo of her local hedgehog visiting her garden at night. It was foraging around in her old rabbit hutch and enjoying the tasty bugs and spiders inside.

The hedgehog looked quite happy inside, and we suggested it might make a good winter hibernation site. Rosa agreed, and duly loaded the old hutch with leaves and garden clippings for the hedgehog to use as bedding.

Clearly the hedgehog had other ideas. A few days later, Rosa looked out in the garden to see the hedgehog taking all the bedding materials out of the hutch, and dragging them across the lawn to the other side of the garden.

Photo  Copyright 2005 Rosa Foulger
Photo: Rosa Foulger

It turned out that the hedgehog already had a well established hibernation site beneath a couple of conifers, and was happily adding all the twigs and leaves to improve the insulation for the winter.

While it may seem that this hedgehog has turned down a golden opportunity to occupy a modern, man-made detached residence, it highlights how hedgehogs still instinctively prefer natural hibernation sites.

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