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Squirrels at the Window

Grey Squirrel - Photo  Copyright 2005 Gary Bradley Photo: G. Bradley

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This is one of my resident grey squirrels giving me a wake up call. I've got into the habit of feeding the birds every morning, and usually the squirrels get a fair proportion of whatever I put out. The birds will happily wait all morning for a free handout, but not the squirrels. If I've not delivered by 10 o' clock they come knocking on my back door to remind me it's feeding time.

Now I thought I had problems until I got an e-mail from Julie Lincoln. who wrote to tell me about her quest to find a bird feeder that the squirrels might not be able to reach.

She had the bright idea of using one that can be attached to a window with suction cups. Imagine her surprise when she heard an almighty "thud" at the window, and looked up to see a squirrel sitting inside the feeder.

Squirrels on the window - what a pane

As you can see from the photo the squirrels figured out how to leap from her garden fence onto the top of the feeder and then squeeze inside. Incredibly the suction cups seem to be strong enough to hold their weight.

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