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Reptile  Green Lizard

Green Lizard - Photo  Copyright 2007 John Joyner
Photo: John Joyner

UK Safari Tip:
Need help identifying amphibians and reptiles? Try this superbly illustrated fold out ID chart - click here

Latin name: Lacerta bilineata (formerly Lacerta viridis)

Size: Can be over 30cm in length. Almost two thirds of that will be the tail.

Distribution: Found on Jersey, Guernsey and in Dorset, England.

Months seen: March to October.

Habitat: Scrubby vegetation around coastal cliffs and sand dunes.

Food: Insects, eggs and berries.

Special features: The Green Lizard is the largest lizard found in the wild in the UK. It's overall bright green colour, and slightly yellow underside, makes it unmistakable from any other lizard.

Mature males will display blue cheeks and throat during the breeding season. The females tend to be slightly more brown.

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