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Eagle  Golden Eagles

Golden Eagle (West Coast of Scotland) - Photo  Copyright 2006 Steve Botham:
Photo: Steve Botham

Latin name: Aquila chrysaetos

Size: Up to 90cms. Wingspan 190 to 220cms.

Distribution: Confined to north and west Scotland. Found in a few areas of northern England such as the Lake District.

Months seen: All year round

Food: Rabbits, hares, grouse and carrion. Survives the harsh northern temperatures by feeding on winter casualties, such as sheep and red deer which fall victim to the cold weather.

Habitat: Mountainous areas.

Special features: Adult birds are dark brown in colour, with a golden brown head. Juvenile birds have some white plumage on the tail and the centre of the wings.

Click for a better viewThe golden eagle looks similar to a buzzard on the wing, although the eagle is a much bigger bird and its head protrudes further out from the body.

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