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Flower  Goat's Beard

Latin name: Tragopogon pratensis

Size: Up to approximately 70cms tall.

Distribution: Widespread throughout the UK.

Flowering months: June to July.

Habitat: Meadows, grassland and waste ground.

Special features: If you look for this plant in the afternoon you could easily miss it. The picture above was taken in the morning sunshine showing the yellow flower fully open.

Click for a better viewAt midday the flower closes, and is hidden inside its long pointed bracts. This is where the plant gets its other name of 'jack-go-to-bed-at-noon'.

Goat's Beard - Photo  Copyright 2007 Joy Travisano
Photo: Joy Travisano

The bracts of Tragopogon pratensis are virtually hidden when the flower head is open (see photo top). The photo above shows Tragopogon pratensis subsp. minor which has much longer bracts.

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