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Butterfly   Silver-Washed Fritillary

Silver-Washed Fritillary - Photo  Copyright 2006 Gary Bradley
Photo: G. Bradley

UK Safari Tip:
An ideal way to catch and observe butterflies without harming them is with a special butterfly net - click here


Latin name: Argynnis paphia

Size: Wingspan approximately 70mms

Distribution: Found in England south of the Mersey, in central and southern Wales and throughout Northern Ireland.

Months seen: July to September

Food: Nectar. The caterpillars feed on violets

Habitat: Woodlands and hedgerows

Special features: This is the largest Fritillary found in the U.K.

Click for a better viewThe male has some distinctive H-shaped wing bars on the upper surface of the forewings. These contain scent scales (butterfly after shave) and during courtship he flaps his wings to waft the scales over the female.

The caterpillars are black with fine yellow lines running along the full length of the body. Each body segment has a series of reddish-brown spines which are covered in tiny hairs.

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  2006 G. Bradley. All Rights Reserved