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Mammal  Ferrets

Ferrets - Photo  Copyright 2008 G. Bradley

Latin name: Mustela putorius furo

Size: Nose to tip of tail approx 50cm.

Rarely found, but occasionally domesticated ferrets escape to the wild.

Food: Ferrets are carnivorous and in the wild it's likely their diet would consist of mice, voles and rabbits.

Special features: Ferrets are not established in the wild in the UK, but escaped pet ferrets do sometimes show up, and these could be confused with other mustelids such as polecats, stoats or mink.

They have a long, slender body and the fur can be coloured; silver, albino, black, dark-eyed white, cinnamon, chocolate, or more commonly, sable.

Ferrets were probably domesticated from European Polecats over 2000 years ago.

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