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Moth Large Emerald

Large Emerald Moth - Photo  Copyright 2005 Dean Stables Photo: Dean Stables


Latin name: Geometra papilionaria

Size: Wingspan up to 64mms.

Distribution: Found in most parts of the UK.

Months seen: June to August

Food: The caterpillars feed on birch, hazel and beech

Habitat: Woodlands, heaths and gardens

Special features: When the large emerald moth first emerges from the chrysalis it is a vivid bright green. After a few days this fades to a pale green.

The caterpillars are also green, but in winter time they turn brown to camouflage themselves against twigs and branches. To add to the effect there are eight little bumps along their backs with brown tips which give them a very twig-like appearance.

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