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Total Lunar Eclipse March 3rd 2007
Posted: 10th March 2007

Photo  Copyright 2007 Dean Stables
21:39 - The earth starts to create a shadow
on the moon

Photo  Copyright 2007 Dean Stables
22:07 - More of the moon is hidden in the
shadow of the earth

Photo  Copyright 2007 Dean Stables
22:37 - The moon is almost completely
shadowed from the sun by the earth

Photo  Copyright 2007 Dean Stables
23:15 - The moon is totally eclipsed by the
earth and takes on a strange red-brown glow

Photos: Dean Stables

In case you missed it, on March 3rd, 2007 there was a total eclipse of the moon, when the full Moon passed through the Earth's shadow. When the earth is completely shadowing the moon you'd expect it to be totally blotted out and dark, but strangely it takes on an eerie deep red glow. This is caused by the suns rays being refracted (bent) and filtered by the Earth's atmosphere before reaching the surface of the moon. The whole spectacle was visible with the naked eye. All the photos above were kindly supplied by Dean Stables.

Here's a couple more shots sent in by Colin Ebdon and Keith Marshall...

Photo  Copyright 2007 Colin Ebdon
Photo: Colin Ebdon

Photo  Copyright 2007 Keith Marshall
Photo: Keith Marshall

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