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Tree  Downy Birch

Downy Birch Tree Leaf - Photo  Copyright 2003 Gary Bradley Photo: G. Bradley

UK Safari Tip:
To help you identify different trees get the colourful fold out chart called "Tree Name Trail" from the Nature Shop - click here

Latin name: Betula Pubescens

Size: Can grow to 24 metres.

Distribution: Found throughout the UK.

Flowering Months: April and May.

Habitat: Prefers areas of damp soil.

Special features: The downy birch gets its name from the hairs found on the shoots and leaf stalks. The leaves of the downy birch have toothed edges.

In winter the tree produces grey coloured catkins. In spring they turn a yellow colour as they open up to shed their pollen. They are often referred to as "lambs tails". The wind carries the pollen to the short green female catkins. The fertilised catkins remain on the tree until winter when they break up into winged seeds.

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