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Moth  Dark Bordered Beauty

Dark Bordered Beauty - Photo  Copyright 2005 Roger Wasley Photo: Roger Wasley

UK Safari Tip:
Need help identifying moths? Try this fully illustrated book "Moths of the British Isles", available at - click here

Latin name: Epione parallaria

Size: Wingspan up to 30mms

Distribution: Found at a few sites in Aberdeen, Inverness, Yorkshire, Northumberland and Roxburghshire.

Months seen: July and August.

Food: The caterpillars feed on willow, birch and Aspen.

Habitat: Woods and heathlands

Special features: The Dark Bordered Beauty is a rare moth, found at just a few sites in the UK. Sometimes flies during the day.

There is a similar, and more common species, called the "Bordered Beauty". The border is paler in colour, and tapers to a point at the front of the forewings. With the Dark Bordered Beauty, the dark border is the same thickness all round.

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