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Duck Little Grebe

Little Grebe or Dabchick - Photo  Copyright 2005 Tony Margiocchi Photo: Tony Margiocchi

UK Safari Tip:
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Latin name: Tachybaptus ruficolis

Size: Approximately 25 to 28cms

Distribution: Found in most parts of the UK.

Months seen: All year round

Food: Small fish and insects

Habitat: Lakes, ponds and rivers

Special features: The little grebe is often called the 'Dabchick'. The back and head plumage is slate grey coloured, and the cheeks and throat are a deep reddish brown. There is a small white spot by the bill.

The little grebe or dabchick appears very round and dumpy on the surface of the water, but their bodies are highly maneuverable below the water. Their legs are set well back along the body to give extra propulsion, and their tail feathers are extremely short, so as not to get in the way of the feet when they are moving fast.

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