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Fish  Common Carp

Common Carp - Photo © Copyright 2004 Sue North Photo: Sue North

UK Safari Tip:
In February there’s less vegetation in the water and it can be surprisingly clear. If you sit quietly on the bank you might get to see a carp

Latin name: Cyprinu carpio

Size: Up to 100cms long

Distribution: Found in most parts of the U.K.

Months seen: All year round

Food: Worms, snails and small fish

Habitat: Ponds, lakes and rivers, especially shallow water.

Special features: Despite the name, this species is not too common now. It was originally imported from Asia, and has been farmed as a food source for hundreds of years.

The colour on the back can vary from silver-grey to green-brown. The belly is usually whitish. The mouth has four barbels (whiskers), two at each corner of the mouth.

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