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Egret Cattle Egret

Cattle Egret with Cows - Photo  Copyright 2000 Gary Bradley
Photo: G. Bradley


Latin name: Bubulcus ibis

Size: Approximately 50cms tall.

Distribution: Sometimes seen in the south of England.

Months seen: A rare summer visitor coming from Africa.

Habitat: Grassland. Usually pasture fields.

Food: Insects, especially flies.

Special features: Cattle egrets get their name from their characteristic association with domestic cattle. During summer months, flies buzz around the eyes of the cows, which can be very irritating for them. The cattle egret can catch and eat more than 100 flies an hour, so consequently the cattle love the cattle egret, and the egret loves to be near the cattle.

They are normally coloured all white, but the one in the photo above is in its breeding plumage with buff coloured plumes on its head, breast and mantle.

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Larger photo of a cattle egret

  2006 G. Bradley. All Rights Reserved