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Fish  Catfish

Catfish - Photo  Copyright 2004 Sue North Photo: Sue North


Latin name: Silurus glanis

Size: Up to 100cms in length. In other parts of Europe specimens have been discovered over 5m in length 

Distribution: Found in England.

Months seen: All year round

Food: Fish, water birds and small mammals.

Habitat: Rivers, lakes and reservoirs

Special features: The Catfish or 'Wels' is an introduced species. It has no scales and a tiny dorsal fin. It has three pairs of barbels (whiskers), four on the lower jaw, and two extra long ones on the upper jaw.

The colouring, which has a marbled effect on the sides. It can vary from grey to green to brown.

It spends most of the day on the bottom, and becomes more active at night when it will swim closer to the surface.

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