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Photo Caption Competition
August 2007

Photo © Copyright 2007 Tony Wharton
Photo: Tony Wharton


Swan releases 'Get Fit after Pregnancy' DVD - Fiona R.


Mum amused her brood by playing Charades, her impression of the film Titanic was brilliant!! - Rosie x

"Where did I put the soap?" - Dawn D.

"Okay, so we all agree if Mum asks who dropped her contact lens, we all deny it!!" - Lorna H.

Eric always impressed the kids with his impersonation of an ice berg - D.Hosie

"He must be here somewhere!" - David D.

"So where’s the Titanic?" - Julie H.

"Are you sure you lost it just there?" - Ann N.

"Are you sure it's mummy and not an ice-berg?" - Brian H.

"I told you not to spit your dummy out!" - Debs B.

Global Warming Alert: Artic ice melting - iceberg spotted in home counties river. - Lesley J.

"Iceberg dead ahead, Captain!" - Blulu

"The swan chicks were curious as to how the iceberg appeared in their pond." - Dermot D.

"Great impression of the icberg, Mum! Now let's see your version of the Titanic." - Victor B.

"Do you think we should go down and help look for it?" - Neilj4

"Don'tcha just love mum's impression of an iceberg?" - Allan E.

"It's one of those ice-berg things" - Gillian J.

"Mum said that this is the Iceberg position, and we've to watch for ships propellers" - Lynn M.

"If you drop that one more time, you pick it up yourself!" - Peter K.

"Ok, I got the washing behind the ears bit, but isnt there a more graceful way!" - Ron B.

"No - it definitely isn't an iceberg!" - Diane A.

"Out of all of his siblings, only Leonardo the Cygnet seemed to appreciate his mums iceberg impression....." - Charlie L.

"Does my bum look big in this?" - Jan D.

"I wish mum was here, she'd have loved to have seen this iceburg" - Ben E.

"Ohhhh, we've lost our mum, that's a global warming iceberg chunk" - Pip

"I'm sure there wasn't an iceberg round here a minute ago." - Mary W.

"Where'd Our Mum Go?" - Elaine H.

"I thought mum & dad said icebergs were bigger than this!" - Dave H.

"If this global warming continues ............." - Angus M.

"New years day 2050, genetically engineered cygnets gather round what is left of the polar icecap to keep cool." - Dave T.

"Where is she?" - Marj J.

"Mum always told us the Iceberg was cold. Funny, this one seems warm, and not melting. Where's Mum gone?" - June C.

"Iceberg!!!.... Abandon ship" - Geoff F.

"There's a bright moon tonight guys" - Beryl L.

"Last time mum did that impression, she sank The Titanic." - Leigh B.

"It's OK mum you can come up now he's gone." - Richard B.

"Mum's wanting a bit of peace and quiet!" Anne W.

"We have all heard the one about the ugly duckling, but this is ridiculous" - Esther H.

"Do you think mums tired, She's got her head down." - Gill F.

"Still think it would be safer landing feet first" - Nev F.

"I guess Mum still needs to work on those landings a bit." - Dr. Peter C.

"Mum's great at playing 'Sink the Titanic', isn't she ?" - Nordun

"Iceberg be blowed! I told you it was only Mum." - Tony W.

"Mum, were you an extra in Titanic?" - Bob

"How long have we been swimming? We've hit an iceberg!" - Gill F.

"Let's hang around this iceburg until Mum gets back." - Graham J.

"Is he down there? Tell him we're fed up playing hide and seek." - Gillian J.

"Take note! I will say this only once!! - This is what the last iceberg will glook glike glug gluuug!!!" - DSM

"Mum's under this iceberg somewhere!" - Sandra T.

"...and this kids is what we call bottom-feeding!" - Angela B.

"What’s this iceberg doing here" - Chantal B.

"But mum...I really don't think we need to study 'Emergency Iceberg Training' in the Lake District!" - Joanne H.

"Bottom's up kids!!" - Hedd A.

"Quick hide!", mum was teaching the kids how to hide from passing predators! - Hedd A.

"Now come on children, lets all have a drink, bottoms up" - Roy G.

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