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Photo Caption Competition
April 2007

Photo: Muddy Mr. P


Group hug! - Barbara JSM


"Can you tell me the time please " - Beryl L.

...and the little one said "roll over, roll over" - SteveK

"I think I have had one too many!! I'm seeing treble." - Linda L.

You two really don't know how to play leapfrog, do you? - Linda F.

"Does your mother have to watch you all the time during a first date?" - Lt. Columbo

"Bringing your mother on honeymoon was a BIG mistake." - Dave T.

"Does your mother have to go “everywhere” with you?!?" - Debra C.

"Oh come on, a few more of us and we'll eventually reach the moon" - Magic Dragon

"On reflection, this threesome is not such a good idea." - Judith B.

THE GAL IS MINE! Two males frogs fight for a female in a pond. - Andrew H.

RESCUE: Two diver rescue frogs save life of a friend who nearly drowned in pond! - Andrew H.

"Why frogs shouldn't do back stroke" - Andy D.

"Ok, the front fastener of my bra's caught in his fly! Didn't you ever watch Dirty Dancing? Just unhook me!" - Geraldine A.

"I thinks she means no." - Gill F.

"I hate being the leader for the conga, you two turn around....!" - Tanya E. 

"Trust me to get a pair of novices,cant they see I'm not in the right postion." - Gill F.

"Bundle!" - Ravi W.


"Dad steps in when brothers fight over pond space!" - Mark M.

"I told you I was busy, come back later!" - Harry J.

"Two's company, three's two much!" - Harry J.

"Twos company three is just darn greedy" - Joanne H.

"Two's company eh!" - Nanette P.

"Look! I said two's company...!" - Neilj.

"Havent you finished yet?" - Harry J.

"When d'you reckon on finishing, mate, Im getting sick of waiting!" - Harry J.

"Just goes to show, the frogs did invent menage a trois" - Lt. Columbo

Why do i always end up in the middle? - BJSM

"Eh'em is this an excuse me?" - Tanya E.

"Wow too far" - Matthew W.

Innocent frog gets nasty surprise when coming up for air - Stephen F.

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