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Flower  Bee Orchids

Bee Orchids - Photo  Copyright 2001 Gary Bradley
Photo: G. Bradley

UK Safari Tip:
Carry a good hand lens with you to reveal all the intricate detail of wild flowers - click here

Latin name: Ophrys apifera

Size: Grows to a height of around 45cms.

Distribution: Found in the south east of England and the Midlands.

Flowering months: June and July.

Habitat: Found mostly on areas with chalky soil.

Special features: Appears to have a bumble bee resting at the centre of its flowers. In fact the imitation bee is one of the petals, and occasionally it will fool a male bee into trying to mate with it. When it lands on the flower it gets dusted with pollen, which the bee then transfers to the next orchid it visits.

More usually the pollen is transferred from flower to flower on the wind.

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