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bird Red-throated Divers

Latin name:  Gavia stellata

Size:  Length approx 65cm, wingspan approx 110cm.

Distribution:  Found in northern Scotland, Shetland, Orkney, and the Outer Hebrides all year.  Also parts of Northern Ireland.  Around most of the UK coast in winter.

Months seen:  All year round.

Habitat:  Found on Scottish lochs in summer.  In winter they can be seen anywhere around around the UK coast - usually in shallow water.

Food:  Fish

Special features:  Also known as the Red-throated Loon, this is the smallest of the three divers seen in the UK.

The summer plumage (see photo above) has a grey head and the distinctive red patch on the throat.  It has no white patches on the flanks.

In winter half of the neck plumage turns white, and there and there just a small amount of grey plumage on the top of the head and down the back of the neck.

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